Quality policy

 Quality, Food Safety and Halal Food Policy.

– In each and every step of our food supplements manufacturing process (production, filling, packaging) our core values that we and our production team share and believe in deeply are:

– To meet our customers’ needs at the highest quality level and in the optimum time.

– Keep our manufacturing at the highest standard of internationally recognized certificates that Bereket Medicine and Cosmetics I.C. has deserved through years of excellence such as: GMP, (Good manufacturing practice) certificate, ISO 13027 hygiene and sanitation certificate, ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, ISO 22000 food safety management system certificate, ISO 14001 environment management system certificate,and the Halal certificate.

– The cleanest and most hygienic production in every step of the production process is our top priority at all times.

– Committed to keep developing and training our production team for maximum improvement in our work and service for you.

– To put our customers’ happiness and satisfaction at the forefront of our vision.

– From choosing the raw materials to the finished product we guarantee compliance with food safety and halal food requirements.



We carry out unconditional hygienic production in all areas.