Production capacity

Through our manufacturing of hundreds of products and our consulting services to many companies throughout the years, we, Bereket Medicine and Cosmetics I.C. are proud of the trust and satisfaction inherited in our relationships with our customers

We are committed to producing quality products. Thanks to our rapidly increasing customer satisfaction, we also have distributorships in many countries abroad and provide contract manufacturing and product support services to dozens of countries around the world.

In our 5000m2 closed production facility under R&D precision and perfectionism is achieved with our microbiology and quality control laboratories.

Bereket medicine and cosmetics ic is equipped with production lines for solid, liquid, powder and semi liquid forms:

Our production capacity:

576 million capsules per year,

986 million tablets, 320 million film coated tablets.

420 million softgel capsules.

57 million sachets filling.

86 million blisters packaging.

13 million Alu-Alu bisters packaging.

48 million liquid bottles production.

87 million effervescent tablets.

20 million cream, pomade and gel tubes.

Our experienced personnel, R&D, quality service, product development, formulation research, quality control, subcontractor manufacturing, fully equipped production for superior capacity, high production capacity of softgel capsules, capsules, and tablets, manufacturing authorization and many more services are our specialty with a team of experts working to give you a superior service at the international standard and proud of having the biggest production facility in Turkey in the food supplements and Cosmetics sector, and always ready to keep investing and developing on the road to a brighter future for our clients and partners.

If your goal is a higher quality of life, Bereket Medicine and Cosmetics I.C is here for you. Health is happiness

Bereket Medicine and Cosmetics I.C.

Bereket ilaç Üretim Kapasitesi

unconditional Hygienic production

We carry out unconditional hygienic production in all areas.