Soft Capsule

420 softgel capsules annually

Softgel production

The softgel capsule is a dosage form that facilitates the use of foods that are not in powder form and are difficult to taste and use such as (fish oil… etc.). These ingredients, which cannot be used in tablet and capsule forms, are taken into the gelatin barrier within a soft wall for an easier  and smoother finish.

In addition, it is a method that is frequently used in fat-soluble and oil-based vitamins. Apart from oils, all kinds of vitamins and mineral supplements can be added to softgel capsules, which is an indisputable sterile method in terms of ease of use and hygiene. Our company which has molds of various sizes produces 4 different softgel capsules in (500 mcl, 700 mcl. 1,000 mcl and 1250 mcl) sizes.