Blister Packaging

86 million blisters packaging.

Blister packaging production

Blister packaging is a type of packaging that completely disconnects products manufactured in our facility such as capsules, tablets, softgel capsules, from the external environment and ensures their total protection.

The product to be blistered is placed in the slots shaped by heat and opened without any human touch.

Then, with the help of heat, the aluminum foil surface is adhered to the back of the product.There are different forms of molds for each capsule, tablet, soft capsule produced in our company, which has dozens of blister mold forms to fit each one of your products.

ALU-ALU blister production

With a special method, ALU-ALU packaging is a system where aluminum foil is completely coated on the bottom and top surfaces of the blister. This very rare system can be carried out in our production facility.